• SCOUT Project concept

    The SCOUT project is based on the use of multiple innovative and low impact technologies for the protection of space control ground stations and the satellite links against physical and cyber attacks. It also considers the ground station network intelligent reconfiguration in case of failure. Read More
  • SCOUT subsystems

    The SCOUT system implements three main security functionalities by three different subsystems: SENSENT for physical attack protection; CYBERSENS for cyber attack detection and countermeasures; RECOVER for automatic restoration and reconfiguration of the space control ground station network. Read More
  • SCOUT Main Control Unit

    Its role is to manage and coordinate the functionalities of the three SCOUT subsystems. It is composed of a data processing unit that collects and processes data coming from SENSNET and CYBERSENS to create situational awareness picture. It is completed with two risk analysis tools, to identify the vulnerabilities of the ground station against physical and cyber attacks. Read More
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