WORKPACKAGE 1: Project management

Project management is the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources (human and material), and procedures to reach technical, organisational and financial success. It also takes care of the communication flow within the Consortium and towards the DG ENTR/European Commission, the suitable development of work, as well as the prompt hand over of project deliverables. This workpackage is subdivided in four tasks:

Workpackage 1.1.-  Decision making implementation

Two different bodies, in addition to the Project Coordinator, are mainly involved in the decision making structure: the General Assembly, consisting of one representative for each beneficiary, and the Executive Board, including all Workpackages leaders.

Workpackage 1.2.- Legal and Financial Management

The Project Coordinator manages the legal, contractual, financial and administrative issues, as well as all communications with the DG ENTR/European Commission. He coordinates all reporting activities, organizes project meetings, and monitors the compliance with the Consortium Agreement.

Workpackage 1.3.- Quality check

The evaluation of technical progress (Milestones and Deliverables), as well as the review and assessment of project results is mainly under the Executive Board responsibility.

Workpackage 1.4 “Reporting”

In addition to the required Periodic Reports, a Progress Report is provided by each partner every six months, which includes a description of the activities carried out so far, and provides details on the corresponding deliverables and milestones.