WORKPACKAGE 2: Operative and system requirements

The main goal of this Workpackage is to determine the operative needs and the system requirements. Since these requirements are strongly affected by ethical, privacy and data protection regulations, a deep preliminary analysis of these issues is also carried out.

Workpackage 2.1  Ethical, privacy, and data protection requirements

This task focuses on the SCOUT R&D activities and aims at ensuring that they comply with good practice as well as legal aspects of ethical, privacy and data protection issues. Research activities in this task will look at all methods, tools, technologies and processes applied by SCOUT partners that may infringe citizen rights.

Workpackage 2.2  Scenario definition and analysis

The aim of this task is to define the typical scenario in which the SCOUT system must operate. The structure and systems to be considered for protection in the demonstration scenario will be selected and scored on their vulnerability impact by a quantitative and qualitative analysis of risks, obtained by the risk assessment tools developed in Workpackage 3.

Workpackage 2.3 Operative requirements

Partners, and the End-users Advisory Board (EAB) will be deeply involved in this task, in order to provide the operative requirements. The main structure and the network subsystems must be identified and scored on the basis of operative importance.

Workpackage 2.4  System requirements

The system requirements will be established in accordance with the end-user needs, in terms of parameters such as false alarm rate, volume surveillance protection, tracking accuracy, detection probability of suspicious behaviour in the internal and external areas, etc.