WORKPACKAGE 3: Risk analysis tools

The goal of this Workpackage is to deliver risk analysis tools for physical and cyber intrusion vulnerabilities, in order to improve the security characteristics of the three subsystems as well as their interactions with the Main Control Unit. 

Workpackage 3.1.- Risk analysis tools for physical intrusion vulnerability

First of all, an adequate description of the facility will be carried out, including its localization, main functions, activities, hazards, services and technical equipment, and clarifying the interrelationship among the different installations and systems. A detailed analysis will identify the highest critical targets, the weakness of the asset and its value. Threat analysis will used to describe threat scenarios.

Workpackage 3.2.- Risk analysis tools for cyber intrusion vulnerability

After identifying the possible threats, statistical models will be defined in order to estimate the likelihood of the different attacks, and to estimate the economical and social impact of the threats. The final objective is to develop a software tool that provides a methodology and structure to the entire risk analysis process.