WORKPACKAGE 7: Ethical, Legal & Societal Aspects

The objective of the Workpackage is to get information, make assessment and supervise activities relevant to the project impact on society and on the ethical, legal requirements and expectations that society asserts. 

Workpackage 7.1.- Ethical aspects

The task will identify and analyse the key ethical issues related to the implementation of the SCOUT technologies, and in particular, its relation to the general ethical requirements relative to pace control ground station protection technologies.

Workpackage 7.2.-Legal aspects

In this workpackage, a survey of relevant national, and international space ground segment security policies will be carried out, reviewing the relevant regulations in this application. 

Workpackage 7.3.-Societal aspects

The task will identify the range of interfaces between the technological tools to be developed in the SCOUT project and the society whose security they are intended to advance. A set of recommendations will be provided for improving project’s impact on the society security.