Partners & Experts

Partners & Experts. Combination of Industries, Research & Technology Organizations (RTOs), and end-users from across Europe

SCOUT aims at designing a real-time system for protection either against physical intrusion and cyber attacks, from which the European security sector will take advantage. The project is challenging for the innovative aspects related to the use of border-line sensor technologies like NRBS and radiometric SAR as well as the last novelties on cyber security concerning the honeynet techniques. Several fields of the ICT area are covered by the project, coming from radar system, wireless communication, networking, sensor networks, electronic, signal processing of multiple data sources, multimedia tools development, security … The planned activities will require a collaborative effort across the EU, bringing together expertise and resources from several actors in different fields (telecommunication, software engineering, civil protection, commercialization) in order to build up a solid framework for collaboration.

The consortium is composed of a combination of Industries, Research & Technology Organizations (RTOs), and end-users from across Europe. The industries role is to contribute to the realization and integration of the SCOUT demonstrator sub-systems, and future commercialization of the new system. RTOs contribute to scientific innovation, especially by designing and experimenting new sensors, the most recent technique of IPSS, and the network reconfiguration techniques based on distributed logic.

The presence of end-users helped by the EAB is crucial in the project to have a clear overview of the security needs for successfully defining the system requirements, to provide a logistic and technical contribution in the development and assessment of the demonstrator, to have a felling on the impact of this system on the market.