The main goal of SCOUT is the study, design and assessment of a security system based on multiple technologies to protect space control ground stations and the satellite links against physical and cyber attacks, and to activate automatic restoration and intelligent reconfiguration mechanisms in case of failure concerning the ground stations networks and the satellite links. The capability of the SCOUT system will be proved by the development of a proof-of-concept demonstrator.

To reach this main goal, the project aims to reach the following specific objectives:

  • Obj 1. Define the operative and system requirements
  • Obj 2. Define and develop two risk analysis tools, one devoted to physical intrusions and the other to cyber attacks
  • Obj 3. Define an architectural solution for the SCOUT systems
  • Obj 4. Study, design and analyse a scalable distributed multi-sensor network for protection against physical attacks
  • Obj 5. Study, design and analyse a distributed telecommunication network sensing system, for the detection and protection of telecommunication links against cyber attacks
  • Obj 6. Study, design and analyse a management network system for automatic restoration and intelligence reconfiguration of the space control ground station network
  • Obj 7. Study, design and analyse a centralized Main Control Unit to manage and coordinate the functionalities of the three SCOUT subsystems
  • Obj 8. Develop a proof of concept demonstrator
  • Obj 9. Define a roadmap for the exploitation of the SCOUT project results.